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It must be in my blood- Born in Morocco from an Irish father and Latin mother, I grew up in many countries and savored the cultures of them all. Each parent taught me to dance and move through life with power and joy in unique ways. 

My degrees focused in education and studying the brain body connection. My skill is  helping people get healthier through multiple modalities. Ways that are effective but customized for how you live life. I approach it from many angles and make the process really enjoyable so you want to embrace it daily, "breathe in, breathe out, move forward" and align happy & healthy into your daily routine.
Recovering from a devastating car crash, which broke my neck and temporarily paralyzed me, gave me the gift of understanding and appreciating how we must honor and care for our precious health.  I did return to dancing professionally worldwide, living my dream. This was then followed by ten years in the Corporate world, creating cutting edge holistic retreats and directing health programs for visitors from all over the world.

I truly believe that in today's world, appropriate technology can be such a powerful, helpful and enlightening tool for individual and global well-being. I appreciate being of service in this ever changing  holistic health realm. So contact me now and see how I can help. Your power…your move…


BA – Dance- Kinesthetic Awareness, Performance & Pedagogy

MS – Thesis: The Cognitive Neurological Approach to Sensory Motor Movement

Multiple certifications in Fitness, Pilates, Personal Training, Yoga Instruction & CPR

20+ years in Holistic Health Management, Instruction and Coaching

7 years professional dancer

ESL tutoring professional

Senior Wellness programs development

Holds Sho-Ba-Kan Black Belt

Listed in the Who’s Who of Female Executives

Owner and Director of Shibumi PowerMoves Global Consulting

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